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yes, yes, i'm still here, but i don't update this site much any more... i do put up my photos at tyV & to see what else i've got to offer, click to my contents

to love a place

home... there are a few questions worth a life of living them & home is one of my top two (love is the other one) * home to me can be any place, at least for tonight * with that attitude i've been lucky enough to meet a few places that have blown my homebody heart wide open, forever *
my current home -- my always home, no matter where my body wanders -- is Caspar, California, where i was born & to which i hope my ashes one day will return * this hunk of headlands owns me like i have never owned anything * it never gets old, no matter how many days in a row i walk the same walk down to the same little secret beach * this place is so special to me i can't even guess what it would be like to see it for the first time *
self-portrait #9 (Canyonlands) -- photo by Sienna, Colorado River, 30 September 2004
rock 43: reflection
self-portrait #9 (Canyonlands)

to remain open

rock 43: reflection -- photo by Sienna, Green River, 26 September 2004
proving that we can find a thing, even a home, where we least expect it, my West Coast heart was utterly, permanently ravished by the Canyonlands of Utah in September 2004 * i may have been a good girl & not taken anything from the river (except a couple broken shoes, a plastic bucket, & some nice fleece pants), but i left a bundle of spirit i'll have to return many times to reclaim (ha! i've visited & been reclaimed a year later) *
my last 2 great loves before the Green River have been the Deschutes in eastern Oregon & the Yakima in eastern Washington so it's clear as filtered water: love me some desert river * it amuses me that i find myself back on the coast, ocean view & all, when the waters that have always soothed me most have been the rivers *
i sound ungrateful, but i came back here for my family not the view & i would follow the right dream almost anywhere * it's not that i don't love this place (the only true constant in my life), but place has won out over love before & the only thing that will beat out love ever again in my life is my own creative joyful self ('cause if it beats that, it ain't love) * like i said, often place & love are the same thing * anyway, i'm not ungrateful: i know i'm lucky, rich beyond the bank balance * i worship this land &, believe me, i'd be pleased to death to make this address #20 my last *
i know that life is short... happiness is in the littlest things * i mean to relish all the moments, find a lovin' home in every single one *
Sienna's Pacific Northwest Picture Stories and Website Creation

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If your connection is very slow (my apologies), this is the kind of storybook that you might want to look through while you're catching up on some email or doing something that has good pauses involved. Click to a page & let it load while you get your coffee or change the music. Go back whenever it's easy, look at the pictures & click to another page. While I have done my best to make these pages fast, they are all about pretty pictures & that can take a little patience (if a page tries yours in any way, please let me know by email).

I hope you will find it easy to navigate & find the newest pages using the summaries below or the menus at the top of each page. If you don't want to miss a single thing, click to the complete table of contents.

Sienna's Pacific Northwest Picture Stories and Website Creation

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self-portrait 15, August 2004:
mind meld, for Donna
self-portrait 15 (mind meld) -- photo by Sienna, Chapman Point, 27 August 2004

Website Creation & Maintenance

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the Obsession Chronicles

back when i was writing them, the Obsession Chronicles were posted roughly once a week (month, whenever) * they are pages full of my obsessions -- with lists of beloved things * read the last rant: a good life (updated 24 May 2006)

Seasonal Cooking Recipe Box

With a light-hearted aim toward a seasonally cooked, locally grown, (uncertified) organic diet, I've gathered some of my favorite recipes to share with family & friends. What's the latest addition? Pecan Pie -- so delicious!


one of the delights of this website is that it allows me no shame: i bare my soul right down to its bad poetry...

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My picture stories come from my walks with Pippin in my hometown of Caspar, from lucky trips abroad, from even luckier trips at home, from friends, & from Mother Nature. Head over to the complete table of contents to find out what else is new.

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rock 39, Green River (detail) -- photo by Sienna, 25 September 2004
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leftie red shoes -- photo by Sienna
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